Class Description

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Senior Services of Will County is sponsoring Tai Chi classes in the Will County area. Classes are once a week for 12 weeks and will be held in Joliet, and New Lenox. Call SSC, (815) 723-9713 to register or fee schedule. While anyone at any age can learn Tai Chi, for the purposes of this class, students should be at least 50 years old.

There is no special clothing, shoes or equipment. Comfortable is the name of the Tai Chi game. Prior experience is not necessary for the beginning classes. Classes are one hour a week for twelve weeks. We take a one week break and then start another twelve week session. Sessions are continuous throughout the year as long as we have students who are willing to learn the art. The goal of the class is to improve balance, increase flexibility, and reduce stress. Wayne Jupiter will be teaching the classes. He has 24 years experience in Tai Chi, and Qigong principles.

A Tai Chi form itself is great exercise especially for older adults who may have some difficulty with more rigorous exercise. But it is how the student moves through the form, feeling the transfer of weight, controlling the balance, and relaxing into the postures and movements that really benefit the student. Tai Chi has been called "Meditation in Movement" and indeed, the students learn to meditate and relax into the postures. In keeping with the Chinese philosophy of Yin/Yang, we will balance out the right side Tai Chi with left side Tai Chi.

Each class begins with 10 to 15 minutes of standing meditation(sitting is allowed), followed by an exercise of Tai Chi walking where the emphasis is on stepping forward and then shifting the weight forward as opposed to immediately moving the weight to the front foot. The rest of the class is dedicated to learning the Tai Chi Form itself. Beginners start out learning the first 6 postures and the Tai Chi principles to apply to the movements. Postures are added as students learn and apply the principles of Tai Chi.

Classes are only an hour long so students are expected to be on time. Arriving late must be avoided as it can disturb the class when students enter during meditation. Cell phones are expected to be turned off or in silent mode.

There is no audio or video recording of the classes without permission.