Advice to Beginners

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Try not to miss even one day of practice:
   If it's time to go to bed and you still haven't practiced that day, just remember that ten minutes of practice is worth more than an extra ten minutes of sleep. And when you do get to bed, use the use the time before dropping off to vizualize yourself moving thru each of the postures. Same thing if you are sick, use your mind instead of physical energy. If you do miss practice, do not allow this setback to discourage you. Just make sure you practice the next day.

Imitate your instructor to the last detail:
   It's all too easy for a beginner to erroneously regard certain details as unimportant. Tai Chi is about learning the postures and the essential internal movements or principles. So pay attention to everything and ask questions if you do not understand.

Put in your "back pocket" what you already know:
   An empty cup holds the most." Do not try to impress the instructor with your knowledge of other systems or teachings. When you begin with a new instructor, think of yourself as a beginner, no matter what your level is in other areas. A good instructor will quickly recognize and accommodate your capacity.

Do not miss a class unless absolutely necessary:
   Come to class even if you can only sit and watch. The exception being if you are sick and could infect your classmates. Missing a class puts you behind and makes it harder to keep up. Missing more than one and you may get frustrated and drop out.